Canada’s Federal Election (May 2, 2011)

Well, it’s the eve of another Federal Election in Canada, and I’m currently out of the country on business.  I only hope I make it home in time to mark my ballot for the 3rd time in seven years, as I will sorely regret missing my fundamental free right as a Canadian if I don’t make it home in time.

It has certainly been an interesting election – certainly one for the record books, and I suspect one for the history books as well.  I suspect the political landscape in Canada will be forever changed when we wake on Tuesday, May 3, 2011.

The Conservatives, led by leader Stephen Harper, deserve this election – their ‘we’re the boss, we’ll do whatever we want because we can’ attitude gave the preverbal finger to the democratic process Canadians hold dear, especially given their fragile minority government position.

That said, the campaign has surely been one of  (if not) the most interesting of my almost 40-years….

  • It likely marks the end of the Bloc Quebecois, or at least Gilles Duceppe as their leader (and I wonder if there’s any even remotely qualified successor).
  •  It marks the most significant success of the NDP on the federal stage ever… But, is it a matter of the NDP platform, or of Jack Layton as their leader?  I think/suspect the latter….  I don’t think Canadians as a whole endores NDP party philosophies, but they all relate to Jack and his apparent ‘honest buddy’ demeanour?  Who wouldn’t want to watch the Leafs miss the playoffs yet again over a beer with Jack?  IT eerily remind me of Bob Rae’s one-term success/failure in Ontario…..  Shiver…
  • The Green Party… In one sense it’s unfortunate Elizabeth May lost her fight for inclusion in the leaders debate – last time, she had the most cohesive and non-attack debate performace of the bunch.  It’s certainly unfortunate that her approach resulted in no house seats, disqualifying her from the leaders debate…. Unfortunate, indeed.
  • And that leaves the Liberal Party of Canada.  Oh, how they’ve fallen from grace. What must Trudeau be thinking of the legacy he left behind?  If any of his Prime Ministerial skills have translated into the afterlife with any clout, the recent (last decate) rash of Liberal leadership candidates and party leadership will undoubtedly end up in Hell for their grave incompetence.  Micheal Ignatieff may be a highly qualified candidate with plenty of relevant experience.  But, he has far too much baggage….  The average Canadian easily falls victim to the ‘he left Canada and only came back to be Prime Minister’ accusation, and I believe (having met him) that he is a true spin doctor – he’ll say whatever his target audience wants to hear.  Is he a bad leader?  Proabably not.  Would he make a bad Prime Minister?  Probably not.  Is he what Canadians want for Prime Minister?  Absolutely not.  I can only surmise that if Jack Layton were leading the Liberal Party, that we’d see a Liberal majority tomorrow night once all the results are in.

So, there we have it…..  Our third federal election in seven years, after the governing (Conservative) party was found in contempt….  Three parties (five if you count the Block and Green) vying for every Canadian’s X of support to establish the next House of Parliament.  How will it end up?  Who knows.  Like I said earlier, whatever the result, it’s bound to be politically relevant and historic for Canada.

On Monday, May 2nd, VOTE!

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