In Memoriam: Jack Layton (1950 – 2011)

In May of this year, I commented on the Federal Election and made specific reference to Jack Layton.  My thoughts expressed then are no less relevant today than they were in May, now that Canada is led by a Conservative Majority with the NDP as the official opposition party.

I submitted my condolences on the NDP website and said:

“I didn’t agree with the NDP political platform.
I never met Jack.
But I feel like I’ve lost a friend”

Jack was what a politician should be – a true believer, and not afraid or ashamed to tell people.  His campaigns were always based on HIS beliefs, as opposed to the mud-slinging that has inundated the ‘other’ key parties.

Canada’s political landscape has lost a role model.  I only hope his recent success with the NDP lives on to encourage and motivate not only future but current Canadians involved in politics.

Rest in Peace, Jack.  You made a difference for the better and for that I Thank You.

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