Principle over Profit

When it comes to web browsers and e-mail clients, I have been a proud user and support of Mozilla (Firefox and Thunderbird) products for a very long time.  So long, in fact, I can’t recall exactly when I adopted the Mozilla applications, but my browser of choice before Firefox was Netscape.

Setting e-mail aside for a moment, the web browser universe has become more and more fiercely competitive with everyone vying for “I’m the best” supremacy.  There’s obviously Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla‘s Firefox.

When people ask me what browser I use and why, I usually say Firefox because it’s fast, small, and has consistently kept up with the times.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about Mozilla’s strategy to release regular ‘new versions’ many times per year.  This strategy is obviously a problem for larger-scale IT organizations, but what does it mean for the average home user?

My take is this….  Sure, the regular updates may make detailed compatibility IT evaluations difficult, but I think that big business customers will most likely stay with the bohemoth Internet Explorer from a standpoint of convenience.  But, for the less ‘directed’ user, which browser to choose?

This recent video release by Mozilla sums it up nicely….

  • Principle over Profit
  • We don’t have a Profit Margin
  • Independently Spirited, Fiercely Unconventional
  • We value, well, values
  • When a competitor considers making something proprietary, we strive to set it free
  • We answer to no-one, but you
  • secrecy is trumped by honesty
  • the web is more cared for, than owned

So, is all of this relevant?

I personally believe it is, and until such time that Mozilla can’t at least keep up with the big boys, they get my vote….  Until now, I think their offerings have been beyond competitive and closer to leading-edge than their competitors.

So, Mozilla, keep it up!  While the recent change to release schedules has concerned many (myself included), I’m still on board until such time as I’m given reason not to be.

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