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Welcome to Blog Intrigue!

So, you’ve ended up here and are asking yourself, “What the heck is a “Blog Intrigue”? Well, yes, it *IS* another blog… So, what about “Intrigue”? Well, Oxford defines Intrigue to “arouse the curiosity or interest of“. So, this is my blog, and I’ll be posting what arouses my curiosity or interest. OK, so what’s that, exactly? Well, read on….

I am formally educated as an engineer (mechanical, manufacturing, and design) and work in the world of automotive manufacturing. So, I’ll probably talk from time-to-time of things technical, environmental, and with four wheels and an engine. I have a passion for photography, so that will undoubtedly come up as well, with the odd shameless reference to my personal photo website Photo Intrigue. I may discuss the state of the world (politics, global warming, the obscure migration routes of the Japanese Red-Crowned Cranes), what amuses me at any given moment, or just random thoughts. Hopefully, you’ll find something relevant and of interest, so that your time at Blog Intrigue isn’t a total waste of your time or bandwidth.

I appreciate and look forward to any and all feedback, so, don’t be shy! If you have something to say (like “Great Job, Dave!”, or not), SAY IT! I can’t and won’t promise to agree with you (or even necessarily respond), but please tell me what you think!

So, stay tuned, for what I hope will be an interesting and thought-provoking ride!

David (Dave) Wood

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